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Water Damage Services

Lead Stop Specialists provide a variety of professional commercial and residential water damage repair services. Our team can quickly adhere and repair your water damaged property to prevent mould  and diagnose to form a plan of action to prevent water damage from reoccurring.  Water damage is commonly caused by a natural disaster such as flooding, heavy rainfall and storm damage, manufacturing/plumbing errors and sewage backup. Leaving water damage unattended can create health risks and ruin the structural integrity of a property. Not only is water damage unsanitary, it destroys personal belongings within a home or business and can frequently lead to mould growth which will later require mould removal services.

Water can be one of the most disastrous natural elements, flooding and water damage can have devastating short-term and long-term effects. Flooding, water logging, and moisture can cause structures to experience gradual deterioration. This situation is worse when the water is unclean. There can be grave losses to property and items if water damage is not prevented or mitigated, the effects of flooding can be minimized with professional services. For more information of water damage repairs and mitigation, please give us a call. 

Water Restoration

Water damage can come from a range of sources either inside or outside of your property. Water damage can occur due to a leaky or damaged roof or window. Water damage can also occur by leaking pipes.

Water damage worsens over time and needs to be fully removed to ensure that your property is safe for use. Don’t attempt "DIY" water damage restoration. These efforts can lead to mould exposure and or incomplete removal and drying services.

Leave your water damage needs to the experts at Lead Stop Specialists. Our team works hard to ensure your water and damaged materials are fully removed, that the area is completely dry before you re-enter the area. Contact us today for a scheduled or emergency water damage restoration project.

The team at Lead Stop Specialists is here for every step of your water damage restoration needs. We can inspect the damage, source of entry and the respective damages. We can then work to remove all the water found. Next, we will remove damaged materials and or any instances of mould. 

Flood Damage vs. Water Damage?

Floods occur from large rainstorms, plumbing damage or from excessive snowmelt that break various seals and enters your home. Large pools of water form and must be removed immediately before the floodwater is left to mould. Water damage can occur from rain, snow or hail melting, through a leaky roof or through damaged window seals. Water damage seeps into various crevasses in the property and begins to effect walls, insulation and other areas. Water damage is often not as obvious as a large flood but can do the same damage.

Water Damage Removal

The removal of moisture sources, pools of water and other instances of water present inside the property is vital to the overall water damage restoration process. Water causes damage to building materials which create mould and can lead to serious injuries or illness should individuals attempt to remove these items from their home themselves. It's always best to consult the professionals, Lead Stop Specialists for your residential or commercial water damage needs. 

Water damage affects your property the moment it enters the interior or exterior walls. The damage initially occurs with moisture affecting various materials, insulation, window seals and appliances it touches. Damage to wood and braces can then occur while the water pools and sits. Within two (2) days of the water entering your home or business, mould can begin to form. If you have any concerns about unwanted water in your property, contact us before the damage gets worse.

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