Asbestos Removal Services

Lead Stop Specialists specialize in asbestos removal and asbestos related services for Central Ontario. If you live in the region and require professional asbestos removal for your home and/or business contact us.


Our experience and specialized services coupled with our ability to offer affordable residential and commercial asbestos removal services separate us from other asbestos contractors. 

Asbestos was generally used in building construction for its fire resistance, insulation properties, and solid durability. The mineral is considered highly hazardous and exposure can cause lung cancer or other respiratory ailments. Asbestos may be present in textured coatings, stucco, drywall joint compound, plaster, pipe insulations, floor tiles, vinyl sheet flooring, roofing shingles and other parts of the home. Contact us for asbestos removal services in your home or business.

Although asbestos is a naturally occurring element, it creates substantial health risks. Asbestos that is present in older buildings, manufacturing units, construction sites and warehouses is hazardous and can cause lung cancer and other respiratory ailments. 


Asbestos removal in commercial or industrial settings is essential for the health and well-being of occupants and employees that reside or work in these buildings. Asbestos exposure can cause workers to become intensely susceptible to breathing asbestos filled air that affects the overall safety of the working environment. It is mandatory for building owners to mitigate asbestos exposure, contact us for professional commercial asbestos services.

Asbestos Removal Methods

There are several methods to deal with your Asbestos problem. Always have a certified professional to perform any of the following procedures: 

  • Encapsulation: A process that uses a chemical product that penetrates the asbestos-containing material and prevents the fibres from being released.

  • Containment: Constructing a physical barrier that isolates asbestos-containing materials from adjacent occupied areas in a building. A containment may be built with gypsum board, plywood, or metal sheeting to prevent the release of asbestos fibres into those areas.

  • Abatement: The complete removal of asbestos-containing materials, including safe handling, transportation, and disposal. Abatement is always the best method to ensure that asbestos fibres are never released.

Lead Stop Specialists provides a complete and comprehensive approach to handling any asbestos-related problem you may have in residential, commercial, or public buildings.

Asbestos Removal in Central Region

Trust the asbestos removal services of Lead Stop Specialists, we have trained and qualified staff that will handle all of your asbestos and environmental remediation needs. We have proudly been serving the communities of Central Region by providing knowledgeable and reliable service.


Offering a complete range of residential and commercial asbestos removal services, we provide exceptionally effective and unique asbestos removal that is designed to remove the lethal microscopic minerals. The dangerous fibres can at times stay in the air for days, without you even realizing that your living space air is infested with hazardous asbestos particles. Once they enter the lining of our lungs, these fibrous minerals can cause havoc in the form of chronic breathing troubles and terminal illness.


If your home or business was constructed using some asbestos building products contact us we can remove and dispose of the asbestos and/or provide vermiculite removal


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