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Mould Prevention Services

Mould and fungus are often found in buildings and homes in damp and dark areas. Some strains of mould are harmless and have little effect on your health, but some can have very serious effects including sickness and in some cases death. Mould and fungus growing inside the home can cause or aggravate illnesses including asthma, allergies, and chronic sinusitis.


If you have any existing mould problem, you should hire professionals in order to remove it safely and effectively. Lead Stop Specialists  can help to prevent the development of mould within your home or business by minimizing moisture, improving ventilation and providing sealants for minimizing water damage in spring and fall.

The best form of mould removal is mould prevention! Mould prevention stops the development of mould and the growth of mould spores from beginning. Our mould prevention services can help prevent costly repairs and restoration in the future, taking the necessary processes to mitigate the mould's development we know where to look for mould and the common mould growth areas.


We make sure to prevent moisture entry and buildup on the interior and exterior of the home or business and properly inspect ‘problem areas‘ to ensure they are safe from future mould growth. Contact us today for mould prevention services.

Mould prevention provides peace of mind to people, knowing that they are safe from allergies and illness caused by mould. The cause of the mould growth must be identified and corrected, otherwise, mould growth would re-occur. Mould removal and prevention can be simple or complicated depending on where the mould has infested, the level of contamination, and type of building. Whether you are performing basement mould removal, bathroom mould removal, attic mould removal or black mould removal the key is to ensure the mould is properly contained during removal so that it does not spread to non-contaminated areas of the building.

Mould Prevention Services

Lead Stop Specialists offer step-by-step mould removal methods that comprises of inspection/assessment of mould damage, containment of mould, mould removal from infested areas/materials and cleaning up of items or property restoration. 

Tiny mould spores exist almost everywhere within our home what makes these troublesome elements all the more dangerous is the fact that they spread rapidly without us even realizing its happening. Lead Stop Specialists is an environmental service company that can help you tackle the menace of mould growth.

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