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Lead Removal Services

Lead Stop Specialists provide residential and commercial lead removal, lead remediation and lead abatement services. Depending on the location and magnitude of the lead concentration, we customize solutions that will safely and effectively remove the lead materials from your home or business.


We proudly service Central Region accommodating your lead removal and testing needs. Lead and lead-based compounds are commonly found in a variety of materials in and around properties. They can be present in dangerous proportions in everything from paint, communications cable, lead-in-dust, ceramic tile, plumbing equipment, batteries, and cosmetics. Lead is common in areas of the home where lead-based paint is deteriorating or renovation work is being done, these areas are at greater risk of lead contamination. Pregnant women are also susceptible to lead poisoning as it can create developmental issues with the unborn child. The naturally occurring element’s harmful properties can be fatal for young children and are known to impair the functioning of the brain and nervous system, there are many health concerns attributed to lead exposure including cancer. 


We are one of Ontario's leading lead removal professionals, assessing your home thoroughly to prevent lead-related health concerns. Our qualified technicians go about the lead removal process in an efficient and professional manner by incorporating techniques of enclosure, encapsulation, removal, or spot repair. Contact us today for your lead removal needs and services.


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Contact us if your home has lead or lead-based materials. We can inspect and remove harmful lead from the property.



We offer a wide range of commercial and residential lead testing and removal services including lead abatements.


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Trust us with your lead removal service needs, we can perform lead remediations for your residential or commercial properties.


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If your business has lead or lead-based materials, contact us for commercial lead removal or abatement services.

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