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Fire and Smoke

Fire Damage Restoration

The aftermath of a fire is an emotional time for all those involved, having to cope with the physical ramifications of the event, but also the mental and financial stress that property owners have to face. 

Lead Stop Specialists offer full fire damage repair and restoration solutions, it is our job to restore your property so that you are able to work towards getting your life back after such a tragic event.

Fire damage repair and fire restoration is an extremely difficult process, which requires the utmost care, expertise and attention to detail. The team at Lead Stop Specialists can safely restore your fire-damaged home or business. 

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage is just as concerning as the fire that caused it. Caused by the remnants of fuel that fed the fire; smoke does not destroy items like a fire does, but instead coats objects in soot and odour.  This often results in a greasy layer coating left behind on personal belongings and upholstery. This 'grease' can often get into places that you cannot see, such as ducting, wiring, piping and any other crevices within your home or business. 


You may think that the health risks of fires are removed once the flames are doused, but this isn’t true. Smoke can be incredibly toxic and if breathed in over a period of time, it can cause serious health implications.

This is why it’s vital to ensure that your home or business has been restored correctly, for the health and safety of your family and colleagues. Call Lead Stop Specialists, and let us work with you to get you through this difficult time and back to living your life.

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