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A Remediation and Restoration Company

Lead Stop Specialists is a professional hazardous material abatement and damage restoration company.  We provide a variety of abatement services in mould, asbestos, lead, other designated substances and hazardous materials. Our damage restoration services range from weather damage (including wind, hail and flood damage), to water, fire and smoke.


Our highly trained team members specialize in residential and commercial  projects. We are proud to service Central Ontario.

Our Advantage

We are dedicated to excellence, our team of professionals have been trained how to properly mitigate and remediate properties. Our team is always seeking new and innovative approaches to further service our clients in the commercial and residential sectors. We take pride in being client centred and adhering to all of Ontario and Canada's Health and Safety Regulations and industry standards. All our employees are professionally trained and certified to safely remediate hazardous materials or repair and restore your damaged property. 

Safety is a priority! Lead Stop Specialists are certified and highly trained, they follow the latest technologies to handle a wide range of hazardous materials and building contaminates. Our team is able to safely restore your home from fallen tree damage, ripped shingles or flood and fire damage. 


Having the health and safety of our clients as priority, our team delivers environmentally sound, comprehensive and complete assessment, containment, removal and restoration services. We are able to provide a wide range of integrated and customized solutions to businesses and homeowners, delivering safely, on time and on budget. 



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